40K (Heresy era) Iron Hands.

I painted this army for a friend.

These are the first 40K miniatures I’ve painted since the late 8’s. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m going to start an Iron Warriors themed army of my own to play at my local gaming club – Tabletop Gamers Association.


Anyway, onto the Iron Hands photos.

One thing to remember is that my friend was going to add the decals after I’ve finished painting the miniatures. This means there are no decals in the photos (for now anyway).

First up, Ferrus Manus – The Iron Hands Primarch.

*edit – larger photos added.

Ferrus Manus 1 Ferrus Manus 2 Ferrus Manus 3

Ferrus 1 Ferrus 2 Ferrus 3

Next up we have a Land Raider.

Image1 Image2 Image3 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8

Now for a couple of the Dreadnoughts in the army.

Dread 1 Dread 3 Dread 4 Dread 5


A Forge Lord.


Lastly (for now) a Breacher Squad, Marines and a Dreadnought.

7 8 10

26th July.



Stormlord 1 Stormlord 2 Stormlord 3 Stormlord 4 Stormlord 5 Stormlord 6 Stormlord 7 Stormlord 8


12 13 14


Here’s the Rhino and Predator.

Iron Hands Predator 1 Iron Hands Predator 2 Iron Hands Predator 3 Iron Hands Rhino 1 Iron Hands Rhino 2

There will be more photos as I finish more units and the army gets all the decals.





4 Responses to 40K (Heresy era) Iron Hands.

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  2. rustymagos says:

    Looking lovely! The land raider and ferrus are particularly good! Did your friend want much more iron hands painted? I’m sure he must be pleased with the current batch!

  3. anon guy says:

    I just found your blog by Googling Breacher Squads and I have to say: yours and everything else on here is amazing. Great job!

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