40K (Heresy era) 30K Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors

Iron Within, Iron Without.

Well painting the Heresy era Iron Hands for my good friend has persuaded me to build a 40K/30K army of my own.
Anyone who has seen my favourite Epic Armageddon army will not be surprised to see that I’ve chosen the Iron Warriors.

Perturabo – The Lord of Iron

Perturabo 1 Perturabo 2 Perturabo 3 Perturabo 4

Such a great miniature!

Here is the first test miniature I’ve painted to get things started – a Cataphractii Terminator.

Cataphractii 2

Cataphractii 3

I’ve started the first of my MkIII Tactical Marines.

Iron Warrior Tactical Marines WIP 1 Iron Warrior Tactical Marines WIP 2 Iron Warrior Tactical Marines WIP 3

The bases are from Dragon Forge Design and the bionics are from Anvil Industry.

A few hours painting and they now look like this:

Iron Warrior Tactical Marines 1

I made the base for this Terminator (whilst waiting for some more to arrive from Dragon Forge).

Tyrant Siege Terminator

I’m making the 2 Warlords from book 3 – Extermination – Kyr Vhalen and Erasmus Golg.

Here’s the start of Vhalen.


Kyr Vhalen wip 6 Kyr Vhalen wip 7 Kyr Vhalen wip 8 Kyr Vhalen wip 9

Kyr Vhalen 1

And here’s Golg.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

Erasmus Golg 1


Iron Warriors 1 Iron Warriors 2 Iron Warriors 3 Iron Warriors 4

Pictures from my first game.

Cataphractii Terminator Medusa

  •  Kyr Vhalen
  • Master of Signal
  • 10 man Iron Havoc Support Squad
  • 9 man Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad
  • Medusa

My Iron Warriors Command Characters (so far):

Iron Warriors Command Characters 1

Iron Warriors Command Characters 2

Iron Warriors Forge Lord 1

Iron Warriors Forge Lord 2

Iron Warriors Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad Phidias

Iron Warriors Veteran Tactical Squad 1

Iron Warriors Iron Havoc Squad Theras

Iron Warriors recon squad

Iron Warriors recon squad 2

Iron Warriors Tactical Squad Altis

Iron Warriors Medusa 3

Iron Warriors Medusa 2

Iron Warriors Medusa 1

In keeping with my theme of heavy firepower, I’ve added a Sicaran Venator to the army. All the sponson weapons are magnetised and I can swap between the Lascannons and Heavy Bolters.

Iron Warriors Sicaran Venator 1

Iron Warriors Sicaran Venator 2

Iron Warriors Sicaran Venator 3

Iron Warriors Sicaran Venator 4

Iron Warriors Sicaran Venator 5

A couple of new additions, some Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 1 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 2 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 3 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 4 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 5 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 6 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 7 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 8 Iron Warrior Contemptor Dreadnoughts 9

The weapons/arms are magnetised.

New additions: Command Squad (still not decided what to do on the banner), Legion Champion, Apothecary and  Comms Relay.

Command squad,champion,apoth 1 Command squad,champion,apoth 2


A Rhino for the Veteran Squad.

Iron Warriors Rhino 1 Iron Warriors Rhino 2 Iron Warriors Rhino 3

I’ve magnetizes the dozer blade/front spikes.

Another Medusa for the Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors Medusa 5 Iron Warriors Medusa 6 Iron Warriors Medusa 7

My first Super-heavy Lord of War, a Typhon.

Iron Warrior Typhon 1 Iron Warrior Typhon 2 Iron Warrior Typhon 3 Iron Warrior Typhon 4

The lascannons and top hatch crew are magnetized.

22nd Feb New Additions.

Heresy Iron Warriors 1

Heavy Weapon specialists.

Iron Warrior specialists

Anti-Air units.

Iron Warriors Anti Air units

Another Warsmith and Command squad in Cataphractii armour.

Iron Warriors Cataphractii Command Squad with Warsmith

Iron Warriors Land Raider Proteus (with magnetised top hatch/gunner).

Iron Warriors Proteus Land Raider 1 Iron Warriors Proteus Land Raider 2

I had a request to photo everything I’ve done so far.

Here it is!

Heresy Iron Warriors 1 Heresy Iron Warriors 2 Heresy Iron Warriors 3 Heresy Iron Warriors 4 Heresy Iron Warriors 5 Heresy Iron Warriors 6 Heresy Iron Warriors 7 Heresy Iron Warriors 8 Heresy Iron Warriors 9 Heresy Iron Warriors 10

Still on the workbench are 2 Predators, a Shadowsword (to become the Tormentor when Perturabo is available), another Medusa, another AA missile launcher, a Rapier Laser Destroyer and more Tactical Marines.

March 2016.

My local club is running a 750pt league. Here’s my army for the first few games.

750pts Iron Warriors 1

Forgelord, reinforced Tactical Squad, Contemptor Dreadnought and a Medusa.


4th July – So I bought and painted the Proturbo miniature from HiTech Miniatures to allow me to field Perturabo.

ezgif.com-maker (7)

Of course I’ve just seen this image on the net:

Perturabo sneak peek

So Proturbo’s use might be short lived! Still a great miniature.

Other additions:

Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad Iron Warriors units

ezgif.com-gif-maker (5)

This project will take a while but I’ll update things as I go.



7 Responses to 40K (Heresy era) 30K Iron Warriors.

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  2. Aaron Callister says:

    Steve, lovely Iron Warriors mate, the conversion of the characters is a real delight mate.


  3. Georg Malter says:

    It took me a while to finally come here to check them out, I can’t wait to see more Steve!

  4. they are just so damn pretty! I am sure i will pay for calling them ‘pretty’ in our games 😀

  5. Not Enough Iron!!! 🙂 this blog just gets better and better 🙂

  6. Wow! Amazing work, really impressed 😀

  7. love ur Perturabo! He looks fantastic! Cant wait to see his ride 🙂

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