Amon Hen

By Onyx.



This was a 6′ x 4′ (180cm x 120cm) board that a local gamer asked me to make. He’d seen some of my boards used at a local tournament and had a few ideas of his own for some great Lord of the Rings terrain.

He wanted to include Amon Hen, the Argonath, the Anduin river and various ruins (as portrayed in The Fellowship of the Ring movie). I had a pretty good idea where to get most of the bits and pieces I’d need and set to it straight away.

I split the build up into three 2′ x 4′ (60cm x 120cm) boards for easier construction and storage. The first board I built was the middle one which had the Seeing Seat.


The Seeing Seat was made using various Hirst Arts moulds and some balsa wood was used to create the statue on top. The Griffins either side of the certral platform were bought from Antenociti’s Workshop (sadly, I think the Griffins are out of production now). I used polystrene mounted on MDF as the base for these boards.


I placed the Seeing Seat on a small hill. I built a few crumbling ruins (using Hirst Arts blocks again) down near the river. A few rocky outcrops were also made using Woodland Scenics Rock Moulds.


I brushed lots of PVA glue all over the board and sprinkled fine sand all over it. Once dry I painted the ground brown.


The beach and river were not painted, just washed with diluted Woodland Scenics Black pigment along with the rest of the board. The rocks were painted white and then washed using Woodland Scenics rock colour pigments.


As an aid to game play, I defined the woodland tree areas using flock and leaf litter (again from Antenociti’s Workshop). These areas slow down movement and block line of sight. The Seeing Seat was painted black, then drybrushed with grey and white. This was followed by a wash of Woodland Sceics Raw Umber to age the brickwork and then a wash of Woodland Scenics Green undercoat to represent the moss etc, that grows on old buildings.


The trees were added next. They were from various suppliers  including Woodland Scenics.


Next it was onto the Argonath board. I matched the contours of the river from the first board and carved the river. The statues are actually bookends that were sold with one of the LotR DVD sets.


The same river contouring process was followed for the 3rd board. I played around with a few designs for the ruined buildings and once happy, glued then in place using PVA glue.


A picture showing the progression of the 3 boards. The Argonath statues were glued down using a hot glue guns and then Polyfila was used to smooth the joins. The other boards were detailed the same as the first board.

Photos of the finished project.


A fallen statue of one of the kings of old (from Thomarillion).



The half buried head as seen in the LotR movie (from Thomarillion).

The finished Pillars of the Kings.


My favourite feature of this board – The Anduin River. The water was made using a 2 part resin product called Glass Coat (furniture varnish). It was tinted blue using a few drops of food colouring (my wife’s brilliant idea). The waves were formed by running a spoon through the resin after a few hours of setting.

A close-up of some of the woodland terrain.


The Seeing Seat.


The 3 boards.




The Finished piece.


This was a really intersting and characterful board to make. So many iconic features really help identify it as a Lord of the Rings setting.

My thanks to Kumar for giving me the opportunity to build this board for him, it was great fun.


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