Epic Armageddon at Cancon 2014

Cancon 2014 – Epic Armageddon.

January 25th 2014 saw 18 players meet in Australia’s capital city – Canberra, to play in a 3000pt Epic Armageddon tournament. It was a great 2 day event with many resounding victoies, terrible defeats and long fought grinding draws.

I took the following Iron Warriors list:

Cancon Iron Warriors

Here are the results from the event:

1. Tournament Champion Matt Aird
2. The General Mic Fair
3. The Destroyer Jayden Barr
4. The Artist Matt Dobbs

Well done to those that won prizes on the weekend. The rankings are as follows:

Matt Aird 29
Steve Marr 25
James Wallace 25
Lucas Connolly 24
Mic Fair 22
Jayden Bar 21
Tim Bolton 21
Ben Evans 18
Geoff Orton 17
Peter Wisdom 17
Mark Sheppard 14
Conor Wallis 13
Matt Dobbs 13
Daniel Collins 12
Duro Bozic 10
Duncan Stewart 10
Lucas Guglielmi 10
Robert Hook 6

The difference in positions on those with the same score was based on Victory Conditions achieved.

Here are a few photos I managed to take during the weekend.

cancon 1 cancon 2 cancon 3 cancon 4 cancon 5 cancon 6 cancon 7 cancon 8 cancon 9 cancon 10 cancon 11 cancon 12 cancon 13 cancon 14 cancon 15 cancon 16 cancon 17 cancon 18 cancon 19 cancon 20 cancon 21 cancon 22 cancon 23 cancon 24

A group of the players also fought a Mega-battle on Monday. A recreation of the Drop Site Massacre during the Horus Heresy. This was a visual extravaganza with amazing terrain and armies.

Drop site massacre 1 Drop site massacre 2 Drop site massacre 3 Drop site massacre 4 Drop site massacre 5 Drop site massacre 6 Drop site massacre 7 Drop site massacre 8 Drop site massacre 9 Drop site massacre 10 Drop site massacre 11

Many thanks to the organisers and participants for the weekend. It was well worth the 8000km round trip to be a part of it!

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