Imperial Guard.

By Onyx.

My Imperial Guard army

(haven’t come up with a name yet).

My Baneblades.


Some of my Shadowswords.


Support Squads and Snipers (DRM proxies)

I ♥ tanks!

Imperial Guard tanks

The Flyboys (Stormtroopers with Valkyries and Vultures).

The Ground pounders (Infantry Companies and support units)


The Big Guns (Artillery and Navy support).


Most of the Infantry in this army are from Dark Realm Miniatures. Great suppliers of 6mm Sci-Fi stuff!

The Valkyries are from Reapers CAV range.

Everything else is Games Workshop.

A new addition to my Guard, 3 Stormhammers.

Here’s a quick pictorial on how I painted these units.

  • A spray with matt Light Grey
  • A wash with Woodland Scenics Green Undercoat.
  • All guns/treads etc painted with Chainmail. Company colours painted onto vehicles.
  • A wash using Woodland Scenics Black.


I actually still have quite a bit more to add to this army (all waiting out in the workshop).

  • 2 more infantry companies.
  • Another squadron of Vultures.
  • A formation of Heavy AA guns.
  • More Sentinels.
  • Praetorian Combat Servitors.
  • 2 more Thunderbolts.

One day I’ll get them all finished.

Death Korps of Krieg 


This is an army I painted for my brother. He just wanted something that looked different to my Guard army and this colour scheme (one of my favourites) was chosen.

The Infantry (Dark Realm Miniatures Industrial Infantry)


Chimeras (Exodus Wars Guild Transport Squadron).


Leman Russ’ (Dark Realm Miniatures Chasseur Tanks)




Supreme Commander.


Deathstrike Missile Launchers.


Support formations (Basilisks, Bombards, Griffons and Hellhounds).


Baneblades (Exodus Wars Guild Enforcer Urban Pacification Squadron – new models coming soon)

k91 Macharius Tanks.k101  Shadowswords and a custom made Stormblade.k111  Rough Riders.k121 Sentinels.k131 Vultures (Exodus Wars Khazari Valkyrie Patrol – new models coming soon).







The colour scheme for the Krieg units is this:
– Basecoat spray with Model Master FS 35164 Intermediate Blue
– A wash using Jo Sonja’s Burnt Sienna Acrylic (watered down)
– Metallic detail painted using GW Boltgun Metal
– details added last (roman numerals, brass eagles etc)
– Wash with diluted Woodland Scenics Black.
Quick spray with Testors Dullcote and I’m done.
Gives a nice rusty/dirty feel to them, just how I imagine Krieg to look.






This is an Adeptus Mechanicus army that I painted for a friend. He did all the conversions and preperation and I just painted it for him. We wanted something that stood out from all the other armies we have and red certainly does that! Skitarii seemed like an obvious choice.
He wanted to keep a theme going between his Titans and this army so the Titans are painted in Legio Metallica colours (red with gold trim).
There are many proxies and conversions in this army and I’ll try to remember everything he did as we go.
The whole army (so far).
Ad mech army1
First up, the Tech Lord.
Tech Lord
  • (One of these days, I’ll finish the Ogryns goggles!).
Everything on the Supreme Commander stand is from Games Workshop.
Skitarii and Chimeras.
Skitarii & Chimeras
These Skitarii stands are made from a mix of Dark Realm Miniatures infantry. The Chimeras are DRM Ramjack proxies.
Ordinatus Majoris.
Ordinatus Majoris
This Ordinatus Majoris started life as a BattleTech M1 Marksman Tank.
Marksman Tank
My friend used some GW Epic pieces in there aswell as a few bits from my spares draw. It’s an original creation and I’ve only managed to blow it up once in our games!
Leman Russ tanks.
Leman Russ'
The conversion of these DRM Rampart tanks to Leman Russ gave my friend a challenge. He ended up using spare Exodus Wars turrets (from this set) for the Heavy bolters and small metal tube was attached to the front for the Lascannon.
Converted DRM Petards were used for the Manticores. A small ForgeWorld brass eagle and an (brush bristle) aerial were added to identify a Commissar (if needed) if the army is used for one of the other Imperial Guard lists.
The spare DRM Petard hulls were used for the Hellhounds, along with GW Epic turrets & Promethium tanks.
The Hydras are DRM Firewalls with extended gun barrells (made from small metal tubing).
The Shadowsword (he now has 3 in his army) is an Out of Production Games Workshop miniature.
These Baneblades are slightly modified proxies from Exodus Wars.
The Basilisks are DRM Firemouths (just about my favourite DRM vehicle).
Praetorian Combat Servitors are very handy in the Adeptus Mechanicus army list so we needed to have them repesented. Using Exodus Wars Khazari War Droids seemed like an obvious base (original idea by Warmaster Nice of The Epic Lounge). Some are converted using GW Epic Ogryns and spare weapons. Others are simply GW Servitors.
Rough Riders.
Rough Riders
My friend really wanted to use these buggies for something in his army and we decided that they would make interesting proxies for Rough Riders. They are DRM Buggies 1 & 2.
Storm Troopers and Valkyries.
Stormtroopers & Valkyries
The Stormtroopers are DRM Jungle troops and the Valkyries are DRM Cargo Helicopters.
The Vultures are Exodus Wars Khazari Valkyries proxies.


This army was painted in this way:
  • Spray with a base coat of Testors Matt Red.
  • Light drybrush with GW Skull White.
  • Paint doors, hatches panels etc. with GW Shining Gold.
  • Paint gun barrels with GW Gunmetal.
  • Wash with diluted Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black acrylic.
  • Paint army emblems with GW Skull White.
  • Varnish with Testors Dulcote.


The armylist for the Adeptus Mechanicus can be found HERE.


Legio Metalica allies.
Legio Metalica1
This is a converted GW Warmonger and 3 DRM Malignants as proxies for Warhounds. My friend had a lot of fun building his Titans!
This Warlord is based on a DRM Majestic with some GW bits and banners from Bell of Lost Souls.
There are 2 more Reavers (DRM Mordents) awaiting conversion and when they’re finished, I’ll add a detailed write-up of this whole Legio on my Loyal Titan Legion page. 


Here’s a quick record of a small painting project I’m doing for a mate. 3 Macharius Tanks painted to fit in with his Adeptus Mechanicus army. Remember that these incredible miniatures are 6mm scale!


1st Super-Heavy Tank finished.

3 Super-Heavy tanks in the palm of my hand!

A few more vehicles for my mate’s army.


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