Chaos Marines.

By Onyx.

“Death to the False Emperor”

Death Guard.

I’m putting together a Death Guard army to give away as a prize (or maybe raffle) at my next tournament/campaign (mid 2013). Here’s a few photos as I get started.

A few new photos.
The lot so far:

Plague Bearers.

Hell Talon fighter bombers.

The war engines – Plague Tower and a Plague Reaper.

I’ve been able to finish off most of this army now.

The whole lot now (over 5500pts worth in Epic Armageddon)

A Daemon Prince and a Greater Daemon.

Havocs and Blight Drones.

Plague Zombies (Chaos Beastmen used as proxies).

Hellblade Fighters.

Death Guard Terminators.

The War Engines (including the Fester Titan now).

If I’m able to find/build some decent Defiler proxies, I’ll update this army but otherwise it’s finished for now.

My Iron Warriors.



I have become the Army Champion for the Iron Warriors in the NetEA project.

Here is the latest version of the Iron Warriors army list for Epic Armageddon:

Iron Warriors V3.0

Iron Warrior units V3.0


Whilst I’ve been painting the Iron Warriors army for a fellow Epic gamer (see below), I’ve also been building up my own Iron Warriors force. I was inspired by the Black Library book Storm of Iron (a great read).

This army is still a work in progress but I’ll add a few pictures now as I get things started.

Test miniatures for my Iron Warriors army.

I wanted to use octagonal bases (8 sided) to try and keep a theme with the Chaos 8 pointed emblem (the bases were custom made by Likto.

I’ve finished a couple of command stands and my Deamon Princes.

And a photo of some of the WIP’s from this army.

Finally got enough painted for a 3000pt game (which I won   🙂 ).

Some new photos of the growing army.

Some new additions/upgrades.

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors Land Raider a

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors 7

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors 8

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors 9

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors 10

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors 11 Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors army pic

Epic Armageddon Iron Warriors Land Raider

Some of the characters from the army (based on the Storm of Iron book).

  • (note that to keep in theme with Honsou’s polluted Geneseed, I used Space Marine legs)

Here’s a few photos of the characters as I was working on them.

More Iron Warrior reinforcements.

Objectives – A damaged Daemon engine and a command post/shrine.

Another Chaos Thunderhawk.

Iron Warrior Predators and a Land Raider.

3 Rhinos for my Khorne Berzerkers.

Chaos Raptors.

Some more Iron Warrior Terminators.

Chaos Spawn

Greater Daemon with Lessar Daemons.

Harbinger Bomber.

Epic Chaos Marine Bikes.

Chaos Marine retinue.

Chaos Champion and Icon Bearer upgrades.

Chaos Dreadnoughts.

Defiler.Epic Defiler2

My 2nd Defiler .

Epic Defiler3

The 3rd Defiler.

Epic Defiler4

Epic Defiler5

I wanted to experiment with a rusty look after seeing some brilliant rust paint jobs recently. It’s the first time I’ve really had a go and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I’ll be rusting up some of more Ork army (pictures to come soon) as a result of this.

I’ve converted my 4th Defiler into a Desecrator (a new unit for the Epic Chaos legions with an anti-air capacity).

Epic Desecrator1






I converted this SoulGrinder using a dragon head from a Warhammer Dwarf cannon (I think) and a Reaper Warlord, Demon Warrior, Darkspawn adept. LOTS of fun!

I was never fully happy with the head on my Soul Grinder so I glued some horns onto a skull and used that instead. I think this looks a lot better.

All my Chaos Defilers so far 


Chaos Thunderhawk.

This Thunderhawk is based on a Space Marine one. I’ve removed the Imperial Eagle emblems and added a Chaos 8 pointed star to each side. I’ve also used Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Battles shields as the upper wings and a W40K Deamon weapon head on the battlecannon.

Iron Warriors Terrain.

I really liked the imagery of the Iron Warriors as the land on Hydra Cordatus in Storm of Iron. I wanted to find someway to recreate that look for my Epic Armageddon battles. I’ve used a STar Wars Venator class Star Destroyer as a base for my Armoured Dropship and a 1/144 Japanese military hovercraft as the base for my Land Transport.

The Dropship was chaosified with some spikes, guns, demon heads, etc. from my spares box.

The Land Transport was chaosified using 40K Defiler legs, spikes, Forgeworld AA guns, various plastic chains etc.

I’ve got a lot more of my own Iron Warriors projects on the go so I’ll be adding more photos as I get things finished.




Iron Warriors.

“Iron Within, Iron Without”

This is a huge army that I’m painting for a fellow Epic player. He has been building this army for years and it has many rare and intersting pieces – from Obliterators to Titans, Beserkers to Forge World Fighters, Terminators to Deathwheels.

The army has been sent over a box at a time with the owner already glueing the infantry to the bases and converting/building all the Titans etc, so all I have to do is paint them all.

The 1st box.


There was a bit of a learning curve with the 1st box. I’d never painted Iron Warriors before but thankfully, the owner provided me with some photos of what he was wanting and that made it a lot easier. I’m a big fan of painting armies for the battlefield rather than the parade ground, so most of my stuff has a weathered, dirty look. I’ve painted this army with that in mind. Scratched paintwork and rusty/dirty tank tracks are the go here.


The 2nd box.


The 1st box had been mainly Chaos Warriors, with Rhino, Vindicators and Land Raiders with 3 Decimators for heavy fire support. The 2nd box had a bit more variety, including Basilisks, artillery, Terminators, Predators, Hell Blade fighters and Hell Talon Bombers.




The 3rd box.


The 3rd box had the usual abundance of Chaos Marines, Rhinos, Predators and artillery but also included Dreadclaw drop pods and Obliterators. The Obliterators (and many other command stands) were converted by Mark Logue and he did a brilliant job.


I painted the Obliterators in the same way I painted all the infantry (see below for more detail) but the organic parts were slightly different. These areas had a basecoat of Dwarf Flesh, followed by a diluted wash of Tamiya acrylic Clear Red with a final wash of diluted Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black (with a drop of dishwashing liquid to remove surface tension) for extra detail.


The 4th box.


Again, there were many Chaos Marines but this box had some of the many Legio Mortis Titans that will also support the Iron Warriors.

The centrepiece of this box was an Abominatus (the converted Imperator Titan).


Lots of fun to paint!

There were also some Feral Scout Titans, Ravagers and BaneLords.




The owner had converted the Titans and they looked amazing. It was easy to get motivated to paint them as I was very inspired by his creativity.

5th Box.


The 5th box has a wide variety of epic miniatures. There are the obligatory hordes of Chaos Marines but there are also Khorne Berzerkers, artillery guns, Predator tanks, Land Raiders, Death Wheels, Defilers, planes, Titans, BFG space ships and the Warsmith himself.





Death Wheel1

Death Wheel2

BFG Iron Warriors Fleet1



 More details of the Titans on the Chaos Titan page.

How this army has been painted.

The Infantry.


  1. The first part of the process is to stick 6 infantry bases to a spray can lid using Blue-tac. They are then sprayed silver.
  2. Next I use Chaos Black to paint the shoulderpads, guns and flags. Shining Gold is used for the trim in the shoulderpads. The helmet plumes are painted according to the company colours (Blood Red in this case). The comand figures are painted in many various colours to break things up a bit.
  3. The third stage is a simple wash using diluted Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black acrylic paint. This helps pick out all the detail of the (6mm) miniatures and dulls down the bright colours to a more realistic, battlefield look. I also paint the black and yellow stripes at this point (Golden Yellow first followed by stripes of Chaos Black).
  4. The edges of the bases are painted using Graveyard Earth.
  5. Finally, a thin layer of PVA glue is spread on the base and then the stand is dipped into the baseing mix (Woodland Scenics Fine Brown Ballast and Woodland Scenics Fine brown Talus). A spray of Testors Dullcote and they’re finished.

The Vehicles.



  1. Again, the miniatures are attched to a can lid and sprayed silver.
  2. Next, any main weapons are painted Brazen Brass. Shining Gold is used to highlight all the hatches & trimming and various colours are used for the swags, bedrolls etc, stored on the hull. Bleached Bone is used for the ropes.
  3. The vehicles are then washed with diluted Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black. Once dry the yellow and black chevrons are painted onto various plates, hatches etc, to define the Iron Warrior look. If there are tank tracks visable, they are washed uing Woodland Scenics Burnt Umbar for the dirty/rusty look.
  4. The edges of the yellow/black chevrons are drybrushed using chainmail to give a scratched look to the stripes. Any skulls visable on the hull are painted using Chainmail to highlight them. A final spray using Wattyl Matt Estapol furniture spray to varnish them and they’re done.

More to come…

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