Loyal Titan Legions.

By Onyx.


Legio Victorum.

“For the alien…nothing!”


Legio Victorum 1

Angelus Galatia (The Angel of Galatia).

Imperator titan 1Imperator titan 2Imperator titan 3Imperator titan 4Imperator titan 5Imperator titan 7Imperator titan 6Imperator titan 8

An Imperator Titan should be the centerpoint of a Legion so I wanted to customise my one a bit.

I used a lot of bits from a 40K Dark Angels sprue along with some spare Epic guns and some plastic tubes.

I chose the name Angelus Galatia because the Forgeworld that Legio Victorum comes from is called Galatia.

Here’s what it looks like when you perform surgery on an Emperor Titan! (a mess) I had to strip the old paint off first (all the red and white flakes) using Simple Green.

Titan surgery

Some of the modifications include:

  • Moving the entire upper castle section about 1cm forward.
  • Changed the angle of the left leg to make it look like the Titan is taking a step.
  • Cut into the bottoms of the steps on the left foot and glued them on an angle.
  • Changed the Hellstorm Cannon into 2 guns (same stats).
  • Various angelic motifs added.
  • Changed the barrel on the Plasma Annihilator.
  • Various modifications to weapons.










(LINK to a GREAT source of inspiration)


 Ordinatus Majoris/Minoris.


Forge Knights.






How I’ve painted my Forge Knights (Paladin variant).



I have 6 of these Forge Knights and I’m painting them in a similar way to my Titans. The following article shows how it’s done.

1. Glue the Knight together and then attch it to the base. Next, I glued the fallen down wall section to the base. Once dry, I spread PVA glue on the rest of the base and sprinkled a few different grades of sand/talus on it. Allow the PVA to dry and then basecoat the whole thing with matt black.



2. Using BoltGun Metal I painted all the metal areas.



3. All the blue plates were now painted using UltraMarines Blue.



4. All the gold trim was next. I used Brazen Brass for this.



5. As I usually like my Epic armies to look like they’ve been fighting all day, I drybrushed some Chainmail Silver on some of the blue plates (to portray scratched/worn paint).



6. Right now, this knight looks way to bright to me. Here’s the stage where I give it the ‘dirty‘ look. I do this by giving the whole thing a wash using diluted Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black acrylic paint. I mix the black with some water and a drop of dishwashing liquid to help it flow over the model easily.



7. Next is a subtle highlighting of the gold areas using Vellejo Old Gold. I highlighted the 3 spikes on the shoulders, the head, the skull and all the bolts on the trimming.



8. I’ve used a red/white striped theme through all my Legio Victorum titans and wanted to carry it through these Knights. First, I coated the whole panel with Bleached Bone. Once dry, I painted the red stripes using Red Gore. Again, I used Chainmail to lightly drybrush areas to scratch the paint. Lastly I applied a very diluted wash of Carbon Black. I also drilled out a small whole in the end of the gun at this point (should’ve done it at the beginning but I forgot).



9. Next were the eyes. I’ve done all the eyes on these titans the same way. First I use Skull White as a base and then I follow that with Tamiya Color Clear Red acrylic. The white base really helps the red stand out.



10. Thats the Knight basically finished, so it’s on to the base. The sand is painted with Graveyard Earth.



11. The fallen brickwork was painted with Vellejo Light Grey and then the whole base was drybrushed with Bleached Bone. Lastly, I washed the whole base with Woodland Scenics Raw Umber. I also washed the bottom of the Knights legs with the Umber to give it a more dirty look.



12. Finally, I placed a couple of small bushes (made using Woodland Scenics light and dark foliage) on the base using PVA glue. A quick touch up of the Black around the base and it’s finished (ready for a varnish using Testors Dullcote).



There you go. It’s not going to win any awards but it is suitable for the tabletop.


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