Minigeddon – 2011

A 1000pt Epic Armageddon tourney.

October 28th – 2011

With short notice (only 2 weeks), we managed to put together a small Epic Minigeddon tournament. 8 players joined in the fun and played for the Minigeddon 2011 trophy. Minigeddon is a modified version of Epic Armageddon to allow games of 1000pts (about 1/3 of the normal size game).

The Armies.

  • Chris’ Codex Marines

TACTICAL DETACHMENT [275] – 6 Tactical Marines + 3 Rhinos (BTS)
DEVASTATOR DETACHMENT [250] – 4 Devastator Marines + 2 Rhinos
LAND SPEEDERS [200] – 5 Landspeeders


  • Olly’s Codex Marines

TACTICAL DETACHMENT [275] – 6 Tactical Marines + 3 Rhinos (BTS)
DEVASTATOR DETACHMENT [250] – 4 Devastator Marines + 2 Rhinos
BIKE DETACHMENT [200] – 5 Bike Unit


  • Alistair’s Steel Legion

MECHANISED INFANTRY COMPANY [400] – Commander, 12 Infantry, 7 Chimera (BTS)
SUPER-HEAVY TANK PLATOON [200] – Shadowsword
SENTINEL SQUADRON [100] – 4 Sentinels


  • Jason’s Biel-Tan Eldar

ASPECT WARRIOR WARHOST [325] – 4 Swooping Hawk, 4 Shining Spear, Exarch (BTS)
NIGHT SPINNER TROUPE [175] – 3 Night Spinners
ENGINE OF VAUL TROUPE [250] – Void Spinner
ENGINE OF VAUL TROUPE [250] – Void Spinner


  • Jack’s Necrons

INFANTRY PHALANX [225] – Necron Lord, 6 Warriors
MONOLITH MANIPLE [275] – 2 Monolith, 2 Obelisk
VENATOR MANIPLE [200] – 6 Flayed Ones
C`TAN [300] – Deceiver (BTS)


  • Simon’s Scions of Iron

HEAVY TACTICAL DETACHMENT [425] – 4 Tactical units, 3 Land Raider (BTS)
TERMINATOR DETACHMENT [400] – 4 Terminator units, Chaplain
BIKE DETACHMENT [175] – 4 Bike Unit


  • Tyson’s Ulani Tank Legion

TANK COMPANY [390] – 6 Leman Russ (BTS)
TANK COMPANY [390] – 6 Leman Russ (BTS)
SCOUT PLATOON [200] – 6 Salamander Scout Tanks


  • Steve’s Tyranids (EpicUK)

NORMAL ASSAULT SWARM [320] – 2 Tyranid Warrior, 12 Termagant, 4 Hormaguant (BTS)
BRUTE SWARM [225] – 1 Hive Tyrant, 3 Carnifex
GENESTEALER SWARM [150] – 6 Genestealer
HEIROPHANT BIO-TITAN [300] – 1 Heirophant

Round 1

The 4 boards we used for the event.

Chris’ Marines Vs Olly’s Marines.

This game revolved around a huge Engagement. Chris managed to win the big fight!

A win to Chris – 4:0

Jason’s Biel-Tan vs Simon’s Scions of Iron.

Jason’s Disrupt artillery was a always going to be a tough army to play against.

A win to Jason – 3:0.

Jack’s Necrons vs Alistair’s Steel Legion.

A win to Jack – 2:1

Tyson’s Ulani Tanks vs Steve’s Tyranids.

Leman Russes take the high ground.

The high point of the day for the Heirophant Bio-titan!

A win to Steve – 4:0

Round 2.

Jack’s Necrons vs Chris’ Marines.

A win to Chris – 2:1

Simon’s Scions of Iron vs Steve’s Tyranids.

Simon’s Terminators were brilliant in this game. They killed the Heirophant without loss and managed to survive the rest of the Tyranid army trying to hammer them with minimal casualties.

A win to Simon – 2:0

Tyson’s Ulani vs Jason’s Eldar.

A win to Jason – 3:1

Olly’s Marines vs Alistair’s Steel Legion Guard.

Olly’s Bikes attack Alistair’s Warhound.

Alistair’s Infantry Company returns the favour and attacks Olly’s Warhound.

A win to Alistair – 1:0 (462Victory Points to zero)

Round 3.

Chris’ Marines vs Steve’s Tyranids.

Chris’ Marines carry on their merry way and smash the Tyranids!

A win to Chris – 4:0

Tyson’s Ulani tanks vs Jack’s Necrons.

How do deploy when facing an enemy with Disrupt – Barrage Weapons!

Leman Russes close in for the kill.

A win to Tyson – 2:1

Jason’s Eldar vs Olly’s Marines.

A win to Jason – 4:1

Simon’s Scions of Iron vs Alistair’s Steel Legion.

A win to Simon – 0:1 (375 Victory Points to 175)

Round 4.

The Final round of the tourney was ranked based on number of previous games won and then by Victory Goals Achieved or conceeded.

The top place battle was between Jason and Chris. Both had a record of 3 wins and 10 Victory Goals (although Chris had only given away 1 Victory Goal whilst Jason has conceeded 2).

Chris’ Marines vs Jason’s Biel-Tan Eldar.

Chris’ Marines close in for the kill.

A win to Chris – 4:0

Jack’s Necrons vs Simon’s Scion of Iron.

A win to Jack – 4:0

Tyson’s Ulani Tanks vs Olly’s Marines.

A win to Olly – 4:0

Alistair’s Steel Legion vs Steve’s Tyranids.

Alistair’s Shadowsword made short work of the Heirophant and survived 2 rounds of fighting vs the Tyranid Assault Swarm (18 infantry units)!

A win to Alistar – 1:0 (450 victory Points to 100).

Final standings and points.

  • Champion – Chris with 4 wins, 14 Victory Goals acheived and only 1 Victory Goal conceeded.
  • Runner Up – Jason with 3 wins, 10 Victory Goals acheived and 6 Victory Goals conceeded.
  • Generalship award – Jack with 2 Wins, 8 Victory Goals Acheived and 5 Victory Goals conceeded.
  • The Emperor’s Blessing (good luck award) went to Olly in a roll-off.
  • The Curse of Chaos (award for bad luck) went to Tyson.

A BIG thanks to Tabletop Gamers Association for helping out with the Tournament – MUCH appreciated Adam, Cam and co!

A special thanks also to Chris, Jason, Tyson, Alistair, Simon, Jack and Olly for taking part in the event. You guys ROCK!

Cheers for now,


5 Responses to Minigeddon – 2011

  1. Frosthammer says:

    awesome stuff Steve 🙂

  2. phil carrington says:

    Superb scenery and painted armies. Inspirational stuff. I particularly like the varied scenics (will have to think how to apply these ideas to our usual 6×4 table). Well done.


  3. cory says:

    hey man looks awesome !! love ur scenery building ! where are u based from (perth ??)

    just moved over and would love to get onto the scene! email me

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