By Onyx.


“The red harvest”

I’ve updated my Necrons for use in the War Without End 2011 campaign. I managed to source more detailed Monoliths, Obelisks, Tomb Spyders, Nightbringer through Tactical Command and replaced all my infantry with Exodus Wars Edenite miniatures.

I scratchbuilt my Warbarque from a 40K Necron Destroyer body and some bits and pieces from my spares box.

Here’s a few more photos of the army.

I have another Infantry Phalanx to paint and I’ll be re-basing my old Flayed ones to keep the hexagonal base theme going. The bases are 1.5mm clear acrylic pieces, custom made by Litko Game Accessories.


I’ve also been building some Necron themed terrain.

The resin crystals are from Evil Mushroom Games. I painted them with a white basecoat and a couple of layers of Tamiya Clear Green.


I’ve also put together some Necron Tomb World buildings.

I bought the kits from Griffin Grove Gaming and converted them to 6mm scale buildings.


My original Necron army.

The following pictures were what my Necron army used to look like. Most of the infantryand the C’tan now belong to another Necron player.



Since Games Workshop have never released an Epic scale Necron army, this force is a collection of bits and pieces from many suppliers. I’ll try and list all the parts as I go.



  • The Nightbringer (left) is a Ferryman miniature from West Wind Productions.
  • The Deceiver (right) is a Woodelf Spellsinger from Games Workshop.


The Warriors are Dark Realm Miniatures Andrayadas Infantry. The Necron Lords are Andrayadas Commanders and Bodyguards.


The Flayed ones are Alien Xenomorph miniatures from GZG (DF- x01).


I made the Destoyers using Games Workshop Scarabs and DRM Andrayadas Vanguard torsos.


The Heavy Destroyers were made using GW Scarabs and Andrayadas Vulturs. The Destroyer Lord used an Andrayadas Bodyguard for the torso.


For the Wraiths, I used GW Tyranid Ripper tails and DRM Andrayadas Bodyguard torsos. I’ve never been 100% happy with their appearance but it is generally obvious what they represent and that will do for now.


My Monoliths are actually cast out of dental plaster. A mate made up a mould and I cast several Monoliths from it. I painted them in the same metallic style as the rest of the army for continuity. The green crystals were bought from a local craft shop (Spotlight). They have been given a bit more detail by using off-cut bits of cable-ties.

The Obelisks were made from long, out of production, Cyborg miniatures (can’t remeber the company that sold them).


I used Bionicle parts to make my Pylons.


The Pariahs are made from GZG Alien Bounty Hunters (DF- x01) and GW Epic flagpoles for the War Scythes.


My Necron Immortals are made from DRM Andyadas Vanguard.


These Tomb Spyders are made using old style GW Necron Scarabs.


The Aeonic Orb was made using an Exodus Wars Khazari Droid Controller, Bionicle bits, green crystals and a marble.

The Abattoir was made from Hirst Arts moulds (Sand Blasted Pyramid Mold #92), half a GW Battlefleet Gothic Blackstone Fortress, Green crystals and a pipe cleaner (to represent the harvester tentacles underneath).


Here is my Tomb Complex. It’s made using the same Hirst Arts mould as the Abattoir (as are the objectives).

How they were painted. (basically the same for the vehicles and the infantry)

  • Spray with a silver basecoat.
  • Wash the whole thing with Woodland Scenics Green undercoat.
  • Pick out any details (eg, Obelisk copper pipes painted with GW Dwarf Bronze, etc).
  • Wash with Woodland Scenics Black pigment.
  • Basecoat any of the glowing green areas with Skull White.
  • Go over the white with Tamiya Clear Green Acrylic paint.
  • Glue fine Talus on the bases using PVA.
  • Varnish with either Testors Dulcote or Wattyl Matt Estapol funiture varnish.

There will be a few more additions to this army – a Warbarque (or 2) and a Scythe Class Harvester (spaceship) at least.

The present army list is available for download from HERE.


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