By Onyx.




My own Evil Sunz Orks.


My Warlords (slightly converted) with their Battle Wagonz and some Flak Wagonz.


My converted Supa Stompas.

Stompas (with a couple of MekBoyz mechanical Squiggoths made using Dark Realm Miniatures Vorans – Stompa stats).


My Greater Gargant.


My other Gargants.


My Ork Landa’s (the left one is a Forge World AI Ork Bommer proxy).


My Ork Fighta Bommerz.


I have a heap more Epic Armageddon orks still to paint (including 3 Forge World Gargantuan Squiggoths, another Forge World Bommer/Lander, a few more Fighta Bommerz, 10 Big Gunz, more Skorchas and loads of Boyz stands).

I’ll add more photos as I get things done.




An Ork army for a mate.


I painted this army a while back for a mate who’d seen my Orks in a local tournament and wanted a similar look. Even though he’s more than capable of painting them himself, he didn’t have the time and we worked a great trade that basically provided most of the miniatures for my brother’s Imperial Guard – Krieg army (pluse some bits and pieces for my Necrons).

Right, onto the pics. First are the Flak Wagonz.


Love these miniatures. They embody everything about Orks… Fast, shooty (dakka, dakka) but not very accurate! 


I had lot’s of fun with the Ork Fighta Bommerz. The owner wanted them all to be different for easy identification (and to allow them to be used for the Aeronautica Imperialis game).


There’s a mix of Games Workshop and ForgeWorld planes, from Bommerz, to Landers. 


The launched missile was made using a pipecleaner (and a lot of superglue 😉 ).


Next was a Mega Gargant. A giant clanking war machine.



Here’s the airforce with all the Battle Wagonz, the Mega Gargant and some of the infantry.



I painted these green skins to represent 3 different tribes – the Evil Sunz, Goff’s and the Bad Moons.



Evil Sunz Stompas and Bad Moon Gun Wagonz.



A Great Gargant.



A Forge World Gargantuan Squiggoth. This was my personal favourite of the army (so much so that the owner of this army gave me several as a gift later on, very cool).


A Steam Gargant.


Goff Stompa’s, a Gun Fortess and Battle Fortress.


A whole herd of Squiggoths.


The whole horde.


  • The Ork machines were sprayed Silver (or left bare if already metal) then washed with W.S. Burnt Umber for a rusty effect. The red/checker squares/yellow etc, was painted on next and finally the whole thing was washed with the W.S. black again.
  • The infantry were sprayed with matt green. The tribe colours were applied to shoulder pads, armour etc, and then a wash with Woodland Scenics Black gave a lot of detail.


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