War Without End 2011

War Without End 2011

A 6 week campaign for Epic Armageddon.

Link – War Without End 2011 Players Pack.

Imperial Navy and general stat ammendments I forgot to add the Imperial Navy units to the Players Pack and I’ve also found a couple of stat corrections. This link has all the necessary information (I hope).

Alaitoc army list for Epic Armageddon. I’ve been asked to add the Alaitoc army list to those available for the campaign (I should’ve included them at the beginning anyway).

Ravenguard 1.2. One campaign player may use the Raven Guard so I’ve uploaded the list for all to see here.

Mossinian army list added at the request of one of the campaign players.

Starting on Sunday May the 29th 2011, we’ll be playing a 6 week campaign for Epic Armageddon.

All the details of the campaign are in the players pack (link above). As the campaign commences, I’ll upload photos and map details to track the players progress here.

The map.

29th May – Week 1

Week 1 of the campaign saw 11 players playing 7, 2000pt games over 4 different battlefields.

  • 2x Speed Freek armies
  • 1x Biel Tan army
  • 1x Krieg army
  • 1x Space Wolves army
  • 1x Minervan Tank Legion
  • 1x Tau army
  • 2x Necron forces
  • 1x Codex Marines army
  • 1x Scions of Iron force

There were tactical mistakes, brave (some would say foolhardy) Engagements and some crazy dice (try a Guard Artillery Company winning an Engagement against an Ork Landa and 10 stands of Ork Bikers in close combat!). Several of the players are using the campiagn to learn Epic Armageddon for our upcomming 1 day tournament – There is Only War 2011 (July 10th).

The game results:

  • Krieg vs Biel Tan – 4:0 to Krieg (Blitz, Take & Hold, They Shall Not Pass, Break Their Spirit)
  • Speed Freeks vs Tau – 4:0 to Speed Freeks (Defend The Flag,  Take & Hold, They Shall Not Pass, Break Their Spirit)
  • Scions of Iron vs Space Wolves – 2:2 (Victory points win to Scions of Iron)
  • Minervans vs Speed Freeks – 2:0 to Minervans (Take & Hold, They Shall Not Pass)
  • Krieg vs Necrons – 3:0 to Krieg (Take & Hold, They Shall Not Pass, Break Their Spirit)
  • Tau vs Codex Marines – 0:0 (Victory points win to Tau)
  • Space Wolves vs Necrons – 3:0 to Space Wolves (Blitz, Take & Hold, Break Their Spirit)

Onto some photos of the games.

Krieg vs Biel Tan on a frozen battlefield.

Matt’s wonderful Star Wars Hoth themed Krieg army faced Georg’s beautiful Biel Tan. The Krieg Anti-Air guns were deadly and the hordes of guardsmen in Gorgon transports were too much for the Eldar ground forces.

Speed Freeks vs Tau on a Necron Tomb board.

Skorchas burned across the battlefield as Ork Fighta Bommerz dived out of the sky. The Tau guns were holding until a failed Combined Fire activation cost them dearly. Once Jason’s Skorchas were upon Simon’s Tau it was always going to devastating!

Scions of Iron vs Space Wolves in a ruined Imperial city.

Aaron took an all airborne/telepot Scions of Iron army vs Chris’ Space Wolves horde. The Scions of Iron Terminators were brutal and set up the Victory point win for Aaron.

Minervans vs Speed Freeks on a Tyranid infested battlefield.

  • This is the only photo I took of the game board and of Adam’s Speed Freeks – sorry Adam!

Scott’s Minervans were unbeatable! They fought off Ork Landa/Bikerboy assaults and even managed to kill the Ork Warlord at the beginning of the game with an artillery barrage! Adam will be out for revenge next time.

Krieg vs Necrons on the snow board.

My Necrons were never really in this game. I teleported in a bit to aggresively and when Matt’s Krieg got the first activation it was all down hill. Both my Monolith formations were broken before I even had a chance to do anything. Hordes of Guardsmen will eventually defeat Living Metal armour! In the above photo, my Warbarque and (Break Their Spirit) Infantry Phalanx await the huge Krieg infantry company assault…

Space Wolves vs Necrons on the Necron Tomb board.

The Deciever lead the Necrons into battle. Chris’ Space Wolves have had some practice dealing with Necrons and his experience showed through in this game. The dice were also against Jack’s Necrons!

Tau vs Codex Marines in the snow.

Nathan’s Marines have only seen 2 games before and were going to have to charge the Tau guns across the battlefield, never an easy task. Land Raiders were fantastic at both shooting and Engaging the Tau. Simon was keen for some revenge after his earlier game against Jason’s Speed Freeks. The Tau were fast but the Marines armour saves were fantastic. At the end of the 4th turn the Tau managed to kill enough Marines to gain a Victory points win.

Matt’s Krieg are winning the campaign with 3 territories.

5 of the players in the campaign are very new to Epic with less than a handful of games each before now. I want to thank them (and indeed all the campaign players) for supporting Epic Armageddon (and me) and getting involved. You guys are legends.

The Nightbringer gazed eagerly upon the world below. It had been drawn to this place and desired to reap the harvest below. So many souls to feast upon. Many of the younger races had converged here. The Nightbringer could also sense the cursed Eldar as well as the detestable Deciever…

It had rushed to feed in it’s lust for pain and death, only to realise that it had underestimated the size of the harvest. Silently it waited. If there is one thing a C’tan Star God has, it’s an inexhaustable supply of minions to continue the harvest. More Necrontyr slaves were on their way to the war torn world.

The harvest must continue…


5th June – Week 2

4 players played another 3, 2000pt games today.

  • 1x Speed Freeks
  • 1x Krieg army
  • 1x Minervan Tank Legion
  • 1x Necrons

There were some huge engagements (Krieg vs Speed Freeks – both are horde type armies) and some awsome clipping assaults (Minervan Salamanders attacking Necron Monliths with lots of Leman Russ support). Ork airpower ruled the skies over the Krieg.

The game results:

  • Speed Freeks vs Krieg – 0:1 to Krieg (Take & Hold) Victory point win to Speed Freeks
  • Krieg vs Necrons – 3:0 to Krieg (Take & Hold, Break Their Spirit, They Shall Not Pass)
  • Minervans vs Necron – 3:1 to Minervans (They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag, Break Their Spirit to They Shall Not Pass)

Wall to wall Orks and this is only a 2000pt army!


Things don’t look good for the ATAT (Warhound proxy)!

The Krieg spring their trap and catch 3/4 of  the Orks in a huge engagement.

This is how Krieg capture multiple objectives when 1 of their Gorgons is immobilised!

Krieg and Necrons fight on a Tyranid infested world.

This is how a Shadowsword hides from Necron Pylons!

Minervans and Necrons battle on a Tomb world.

Leman Russ tanks scour the Necron ruins.

Scott (Minervans) is now leading the campaign with 6pts, (despite only playing and winning 2 games he’s been able to claim 2 of the 2pt territories from the inner ring) closely followed by Matt’s Krieg and then Jason’s Speed Freeks.


The Nightbringer raged in fury. There was a bountiful harvest below but they were resisting their fate. The C’tan God needed to feed, more Necrontyr were summoned to the harvest…

12th June – Week 3

Week 3 of the campaign saw 9 players play 5 games at 2500pts.

  • 2x Speed Freeks
  • 2x Necrons
  • 1x Tau
  • 1x Krieg
  • 1x Space Wolves
  • 1x Codex Marines
  • 1x Minervans

Horde style armies did well this week. Krieg and Speed Freeks had victories. Jack’s Necrons were able to recover from early mistakes to capture the center territory. In other news, I still haven’t won a game during the campaign… (I am having lots of fun though seeing so much Epic being played).

The game results:

  • Krieg vs Minervans 5:0 (They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag, Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg)
  • Necrons vs Tau 2:0 (Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold)
  • Speed Freeks vs Space Wolves 4:0 (They Shall Not Pass, Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg)
  • Speed Freeks vs Codex Marines 2:1 (Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg to ?)
  • Krieg vs Necrons 3:0 (They Shall Not Pass, Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg)

Krieg vs Minervans.

Speed Freeks vs Codex Marines.

Necrons vs Tau.

Speed Freeks vs Space Wolves.

Krieg vs Necrons.

So Matt (Krieg) has stormed into the lead with 10pts. Jason (Speed Freeks), Jack (Necrons) and Scott are in 2nd place on 5pts. Adam is on 3 pts. Aaron has 2pts whilst Simon (Tau), Georg (Biel Tan), Chris (Space Wolves), Nathan (Codex Marines) and Myself (Necrons) all have 1pt.

Now Matt has played brilliantly and thoroughly deserves the lead at the half-way point. Of course, good fortune plays a part in any game and this is what happened when Matt rolled 12 dice needing 5’s or 6’s…

Nice one Matt!

19th June – Week 4

5 players (including 2 new additions to the campaign) played 3 more games at 2500pts.

  • 1x Codex Marines
  • 1x Tau
  • 1x Necrons
  • 1x Speed Freeks
  • 1x Mossinians

The Speed Freeks had 2 great games whilst the Tau were able to defeat the luckless Marines (I believe Duro had some of the worst luck imaginable – if that continues, Duro is a shoe-in for the Curse of Chaos award in the tournament!).

Game results:

  • Speed Freeks vs Necrons 3:0 to Speed Freeks (Defend the Flag, Take and Hold, Break Their Spirit)
  • Tau vs Codex Marines 2:0 to Tau (Take and Hold, Defend the Flag)
  • Speed Freeks vs Mossinians 3:0 to Speed Freeks (They Shall Not Pass, Blitzkrieg, Break Their Spirit)

A few photos of the games.

Tau vs Codex Marines.

Duro’s lovely Marines.

Speed Freeks vs Necrons.

We’re starting to see Jack’s new beautiful blue themed Necrons. Really looking forward to seeing more of this army!

Speed Freeks vs Mossinians.


Jason and his Speed Freek Skorcha horde are on track to catch up with Matt’s Krieg as we head into the final 2 weeks of the campaign.

Matt’s (Krieg) still in the lead with 10pts. Jason (Speed Freeks) is now a clear 2nd with 8pts. Scott (Minervans) is 3rd with 5pts. Adam (Speed Freeks) is in 4th spot with 3pts. Aaron (Codex Marines) and Jack (Necrons) are next with 2pts each and Duro (Codex Marines), Drew (Mossininans), Nathan (Cosex Marines), Chris (Space Wolves), Georg (Biel-Tan), Simon (Tau) and myself (Necrons) all have 1pt.

Next week we move up to 3000pts. There’s talk of Warlords and a Warlock making an appearance…

Time for the big toys to come out and play!

* 2 players (Matt and Jason) played another 2500pt game on Fiday with a win to Matt’s Krieg army. This enabled Matt to claim the 3 point territory at the middle of the map!

26th June – Week 5

9 Players (including another 2 new Epic players) played 6 games at 3000pts.

  • 2x Speed Freeks
  • 2x Steel Legion
  • 1x Scions of Iron
  • 1x Tau
  • 1x Codex Marines
  • 1x Krieg
  • 1x Necrons

Matt’s Krieg just keep rolling on. No one has an answer to the massive Krieg Infantry Companies and their Gorgon transports. His ability to always get the Gorgons out the front in engagements is becoming legendary. Rolling 26 dice (plus supporting fire) is amazing (even when you need 5’s and 6’s to hit). We’ll have to think of something quickly… well maybe it’s too late for the campaign with only 1 week left but we do have the 1 day tournament coming up and Matt’s already bought his ticket!

Duro’s rotten luck continued as he lost one of his fully loaded Thunderhawks (carrying Terminators) to a critcal hit! Aaron seemed to have a good game plan at the start of his game with Matt’s Krieg but it all went pear shaped after some spectacularly failed armour saves. Jason’s Skorchas just keep on burning across the board leaving Adam coming up with ideas of how to make lots more for his Speed Freeks! Alistair (in his first 3000pt game) learnt that Shadowswords are very powerful and that Markerlights are very annoying! Tyson fell in love with his Leman Russes and their excellent firepower.

Having 2 more new players is just excellent. That brings us to a total of 15 players that have played 25 games over 5 weeks.

Game results:

  • Necrons vs Codex Marines 5:1 to Necrons (They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag, Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg to Break Their Spirit)
  • Krieg vs Scion of Iron 5:0 to Krieg (They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag, Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg)
  • Speed Freeks vs Speed Freeks 2:0 to Jason’s Speed Freeks (Blitzkrieg, Take and Hold)
  • Krieg vs Codex Marines 4:0 to Krieg (They Shall Not Pass, Defend The Flag, Break Their Spirit, Take and Hold)

The last 2 games were introduction games for new players but still entered them into the campaign.

  • Steel Legion vs Tau 1:0 to Steel Legion (Break Their Spirit) Victory Point win to Steel Legion
  • Speed Freeks vs Steel Legion game unfinished

Photos of the days games.

Matt’s Krieg vs Aaron’s Scions of Iron.

Adam’s Speed Freeks take on Jason’s Speed Freeks.

Duro’s Marines vs my Necrons.

Matt’s Krieg vs Duro’s Codex Marines.

Simon’s Tau vs Alistair’s Steel Legion Guard.

Tyson’s Steel Legion Guard vs Jason’s Speed Freeks.

The campaign map.

So no Warlords or Warlocks this week but hopefully, they’ll come out to play in the final week of the campaign. We did see a Tau Manta and a Necron Aeonic Orb but both were destroyed! Not a good sign for the massive War Engines…

3rd July – Final week.

For the last week of the campaign we had 6 players play 5x 3000pt games.

  • 2x Necrons
  • 1x Biel-Tan
  • 1x Steel Legion
  • 1x Codex Marines
  • 1x Speed Freeks

Jason’s Orks had another great day winning 2 games. Georg and Jack had fun experimenting with War Engines for their armies. In a dark day for War Engines we saw a Necron Orb, Eldar Phantom and Imperial Warlord titan all destroyed. Jack’s Necrons just poured a huge amount of firepower into the Eldar Phantom which was holding on until a critical shut down the holofield and left the Phantom vulnerable. Another interesting event in this game was an Eldar Aspect Warrior engagement on Jack’s Aeonic Orb. The Eldar caused a critical on the Orb which unfortunately wiped out a huge portion of the Biel-Tan warriors. Duro’s Warlord was melted down as Jason’s Speed Freek Skorchas and bikes hunted the titan down. In Jason’s next game his 6 squadrons of Fighta Bommerz continually strafed my Aeonic Orb until it’s Living Metal armour failed and it was destroyed. This was a key moment in the game as The Necrons had been having great success in the early parts of the battle. The loss of the Orb was huge and the 2 remaining Kults of Speed were able to outmaneuver the Monolith formations for an eventual easy win. Duro continued his crummy luck during his game with Scott’s Guard when he teleported in 2 detachments of Terminators and then lost the Strategy roll…

Game results:

  • Necrons vs Biel-Tan 2:1 win to Necrons (Blitzkrieg, Break Their Spirit  to Blitzkrieg)
  • Speed Freeks vs Codex Marines 2:0 win to Speed Freeks (Blitzkrieg, Break Their Spirit)
  • Speed Freeks vs Necrons 3:0 win to Speed Freeks (Blitzkrieg, Defend The Flag Break Their Spirit)
  • Steel Legion vs Codex Marines 2:1 win to Steel Legion (Take and Hold, Blitzkrieg to Take and Hold)
  • Biel-Tan vs Necrons Victory Points win to Necrons.

Photos from the day.

Duro’s Codex Marines vs Jason’s Speed Freeks.

Georg’s Biel-Tan vs Jack’s Necrons.

Duro’s Codex Marines vs Scott’s Steel Legion.

Jason’s Speed Freeks vs my Necrons.

So we’ve finished the campaign. None of the final week’s games made any changes to the campaign map. This left Matt as a clear and deserving winner. His Krieg have played 9 games and won 8 of them! Another special mention to Jason and his Speed Freeks as he was the only player to play a game every week during the campaign, thanks mate! In fact, a BIG thanks to all the players and Tabletop Gamers Association for their support.

We’ve had 15 players play 30 games of Epic Armageddon over 6 weeks.

  • Most games played – Jason (Speed Freeks) with 10 games.
  • Most wins – Matt (Krieg) and Jason (Speed Freeks) with 8 wins each.
  • Most Victory Goals achieved – Matt (Krieg) with 28.
  • Most common Victory Goal achieved – Take and Hold.
  • Least common Victory Goal achieved – Defend the Flag.
  • Number of players introduced to Epic through the campaign – 9

Well The War Without End campaign is over for this year (ironic name I know). It will be back next year, hopefully bigger and better than this year (that will take some doing!).

To Matt, Jason, Duro, Georg, Chris, Adam, Simon, Jack, Scott, Aaron, Nathan, Drew, Alistair and Tyson – you have my thanks for joining in the fun.

To Adam and Cam of Tabletop Gamers Association – cheers fellas. You have been brilliant and I couldn’t have asked for more support.

Cheers for now, Steve.

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  2. Eyal says:

    Thanks for sharing, looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Great job, great fun.
    I’m tring to do something like this in Italy.
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    Hi, where did you find the army list for Necrons? Regards, Toco.

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