War Without End 2012

War Without End 2012 – Epic Armageddon campaign


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8th June 2012, we started our 4 week Epic Armageddon campaign.

Players Pack.

Day 1 saw 12 players, play 11 games at 2000pts. A fantastic start!

Points so far:

Matt – 9pts Necons
Steve – 8pts Iron Warriors
Duro – 6pts Squats (Demiurg)
Chris – 6pts Steel Legion
Jason – 5pts Gargant Big Mob (Orks)
Simon – 5pts Scions Of Iron (Space Marines)
John – 4pts Yme-Loc Craftworld (Eldar)
Al – 4pts Steel Legion
Jack – 3pts Necons
Nath – 2pts Space Marines (Codex Marines)
Scott – 2pts Minervan Tank Legion (Guard)
Drew – 2pts Mossinians (Rebel Guard)

The camaign map doesn’t show Drew’s territory yet.

A player is given 1 territory for each game they play.  If they win the game, they are given a building to place on one of their territories. Each territory (hex) is worth 2pts. The spaceport (randomly drawn each week) is worth 3pts. Each building is worth 1 point.

Onto the game reults.

  • Jason vs Scott – 1:0 (TSNP) Victory Point win to Jason.
  • Matt vs Simon – 2:1 (Blitz & TSNP – BTS)
  • Duro vs Steve – 3:0 (TnH, DTF & BTS)
  • Chris vs Jason – 2:1 (Blitz & TnH – TnH)
  • Duro vs Nath – 4:0 (Blitz, TnH, BTS & TSNP)
  • Simon vs John – 3:0 (Blitz, DTF & TSNP)
  • Steve vs Chris – 2:0 (Blitz & TnH)
  • Jack vs Drew – 2:1 (BTS & TNH – BTS)
  • Matt vs Al – 2:0 (TnH & TSNP)
  • Matt vs John – 3:0 (BTS, Blitz & TnH)
  • Steve vs Al – 3:0 (DTF, BTS & Blitz)

Photos from the 1st day.

Matt and Simon’s game.

Scott and Jason’s battle.

Duro and Steve.

Chris and Jason’s game.

Drew’s Mossinians vs Jack Necrons.

Nath’s Marines duke it out with Duro’s Squats.

Chris’ Steel Legion vs Steve’s Iron Warriors.

Matt’s Necrons take on Al’s Steel Legion Guard.

John’s Ymloc Eldar fight against Matt’s Necrons.

Al’s Jouran Dragoons vs Steve’s Iron Warriors.

All in all, a FANTASTIC first day for the campaign.

There were several players that are new to Epic Armageddon along with a few old experts in the game. There was a great vibe to the players and we had many onlookers asking lots of questions. That’s the best way to drum up new interest.

Week 2.

We had 8 players turn up for the 2nd week of the campaign and we played 5 games.


Chris – 12pts Steel Legion
Steve – 11pts Iron Warriors
Simon – 10pts Scions Of Iron (Space Marines)
Matt – 9pts Necons
Al – 8pts Steel Legion
Duro – 8pts Squats (Demiurg)
John – 6pts Yme-Loc Craftworld (Eldar)
Jason – 5pts Gargant Big Mob (Orks)
Jack – 5pts Necons
Scott – 4pts Minervan Tank Legion (Guard)
Nath – 2pts Space Marines (Codex Marines)
Drew – 2pts Mossinians (Rebel Guard)

This week, the spaceport hex went to Al.

Games results:

  • Chris vs Scott – 3:0 (DTF, TSNP & TnH)
  • Simon vs Jack – 2:0 (DTF & TSNP)
  • Al vs Duro – 3:1 (BTS, DTF & TSNP – BTS)
  • Chris vs Simon – 4:0 (DTF, Blitz, BTS & TNH)
  • Steve vs John – 2:0 (Blitz & TNH)

Photos from week 2 games.

Chris vs Scott (known as Chops) and Simon vs Jack set up for their games.

Chris’ Guard.

Chops’ Minervan tanks line up for battle.

Simon’s Scions of Iron prepare for the Necron attack.

Al and Duro deploy their armies (both quite heavy in artillery).

Al bought a Lunar Class Cruiser to help deal with Duro’s War Engine artillery.

Chris and Simon set up for their next game.

Simon’s Terminators go hunting for Leman Russ tanks but come off 2nd best…

John’s beautiful Eldar take on my Iron Warriors.

Some more memorable games during week 2.

– John and Al are picking the game up quickly.
– Jack had some rotten luck and it cost him big time.
– Chris carried on his winning ways. He’s picked up the Steel Legion play-style quickly although the lack of maneuverability is a challenge.
– Scott and Duro failed a few key activations which was frustrating for them both!
– Al fell in love with Imperial Guard artillery.
– John learnt to hate Iron Warriors artillery.

Week 3.

8 players turned out for week 3 including Georg (who has been playing Epic for a couple of years now) and Nick (who is a new player to epic). This week we are up to 3000pt games.


Matt – 15pts Necron
Chris – 15pts Steel Legion
Simon – 15pts Scions Of Iron (Space Marines)
Steve – 13pts Iron Warriors
Al – 11pts Steel Legion
Duro – 8pts Squats (Demiurg)
John – 8pts Yme-Loc Craftworld (Eldar)
Jack – 7pts Necons
Jason – 5pts Gargant Big Mob (Orks)
Nick – 4pts Steel Legion
Scott – 4pts Minervan Tank Legion (Guard)
Georg – 4pts Fir Iolarion Eldar Titan Clan
Nath – 2pts Space Marines (Codex Marines)
Drew – 2pts Mossinians (Rebel Guard)

Georg managed to score the Spaceport hex for this week.

The top of the scoreboard is getting very interesting heading into the final week of the campaign. A 3-way tie for first with a few other players in contention! Unfortunately for Matt, he won’t be able to play in the last week of the campaign due to work commitments and Chris wasn’t sure he could make it either.

Game results:

  • Chris vs Nick – 3:0 (Blitz, DTF & TSNP)
  • Matt vs Jack – 3:2 (Blitz, TnH & BTS – Blitz & TnH)
  • Georg vs Simon – 2:0 (TnH & Blitz)
  • Matt vs Steve – 2-1 (DTF & TSNP – BTS)
  • Al vs John – 2:0 (DTF & TSNP)
  • Simon vs Nick – 3:0 (Blitz, DTF & TnH)

Photos from Week 3.

Simon’s Marines vs Georg’s Eldar Titan clan.

Jack and Matt play a Necron civil war.

Chris and Nick set up for Nick’s first 3000pt game of epic.

Steve’s Iron Warriors take on Matt’s undefeated Necrons.

Al’s Jouran Dragoons battle it out with John’s Yme-Loc Eldar.

Nick’s Guard face off against Simon’s Scions of Iron Marines.

  • Nick’s new wonderful Guard army is all made using Dark Realm Miniatures.
  • Both Matt’s games were very close but he’s managed to play 5 games and go undefeated.
  • The Iron Warriors Ordintus is a BEAST and I love it!
  • John continued to have the worst luck of all the campaign players.
  • Simon’s Terminators had a fair crack at Georg’s (headless due to still being a WIP) Warlock titan and put 11 hits on it! Unforunately only 3 points of damage got through the holofield and reinforced armour…
  • Al REALLY loves his Manticore artillery now!

Week 4.

We had 8 players bring their armies along for the final week of the campaign (including another new player – Cam). There were six games played at 3000pts.

Game results:

  • Chris vs Drew – 3:0 (Blitz, DTF & BTS)
  • Duro vs Simon – 2:1 (TnH & Blitz – BTS)
  • Steve vs John – 0:0 Victory point win to Steve
  • Al vs Cam – 2:0 ((BTS & DTF)
  • John vs Duro – 0:0 Victory point win to John
  • Steve vs Simon – 0:0 Victory point win to Steve

Photos from the final week:

Simons Marines take on Duro’s Demiurg Squats.

Chris’ Steel Legion vs Drew’s Mossinians.

John’s Yme-Loc Eldar attack Steve’s Iron Warriors.

Al’s Steel Legion take on Cam’s Orks.

John’s Eldar vs Duro’s Squats.

Steve’s Iron Warriors battle Simon’s Scions of Iron Marines.

The campaign map after week 4.

Final Standings.
Simon – 18pts Scions Of Iron (Space Marines)
Chris – 18pts Steel Legion
Steve – 18pts Iron Warriors
Matt – 15pts Necron
Al – 14pts Steel Legion
Duro – 13pts Squats (Demiurg)
John – 12pts Yme-Loc Craftworld (Eldar)
Jack – 7pts Necons
Jason – 5pts Gargant Big Mob (Orks)
Nick – 4pts Steel Legion
Scott – 4pts Minervan Tank Legion (Guard)
Georg – 4pts Fir Iolarion Eldar Titan Clan
Drew – 4pts Mossinians (Rebel Guard)
Nath – 2pts Space Marines (Codex Marines)
Cam – 2pts Orks (Ghazgkhull’s War Horde)

With 3 players all finishing on 18 points it had to go to a count back. I had decided early on that I wanted to encourage participation in this campaign so the winners trophy went to Simon due to his 8 games played. Well done Simon!

Simon (on the left) receiving his trophy. John (center) received the hard luck award (a bottle of Epic Armageddon beer from New Zealand) for a run of truly bad dice. It can only get better John!

Statistics from the campaign.

Total players = 15

New players to Epic during the campaign = 3 (John, Nick & Cam)

Total number of games played during the 4 weeks – 28

Breakdown of Victory Goals acheived during the campaign:

  • Blitzkreig – 16
  • Break Their Spirit – 15
  • Take and Hold – 15
  • They Shall Not Pass – 11
  • Defend The Flag – 10

Once again, a BIG thanks to the fantastic guys at Tabletop Gamers Association. Adam and Cam, your support and friendship is VERY much appreciated!

To the 14 guys that joined in, a huge thumbs up from me. Thanks for embracing Epic Armageddon and supporting the campaign!

War Without End will return in 2013!



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