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I’m not usually one for making diorama’s (or dust-gatherers) but recently I’ve tried my hand at a couple. The first was this ONE.

Next I wanted to make something for a friend who works in the juvenille detention system (kid’s prison officer). It’s a long story but it turns out that I had bought all the bits and pieces for this diorama about a week before he was assaulted (not serious) by one of the older kids where he works. I don’t believe in coincidences…

I wanted to portray the image of a prison guard, walking the perimeter and being protected by 2 (invisable to him) Guardian Angels. I considered making the Angels bright and more supernatural but in the end, I wanted them to appear more real, so I chose a more conventional appearance.


Anyway, here are the pictures.








I mounted this piece on an MDF base bought from a local hardware store. The fence is made using plastic rod (from a local hobby store) for the posts and aluminium insect screen mesh for the panels. The barbed wire roll on top was bought from Antenociti’s Workshop.

The Angels were bought from eBay and the prison guard is a converted WWII American General figure (about 26mm tall) bought from a local gaming store.

The static grass, talus/fine ballast etc, were all bought from Stanbridges Hobby Store.

The long brown grass is actually my wife’s hair (long story) and the tufts were made using THIS tutorial from Antenociti’s Workshop.

The ground was painted using Games Workshop – Graveyard Earth and then drybrushed with Bleached Bone. Next was a wash using Jo Sonja’s Burnt Sienna acrylic paint. The bushes and grasses were held in place using PVA craft glue.

The Angels skin was painted using Dwarf Flesh and then washed with Woodland Scenics Raw Umber pigment. Their clothes are Bleached bone washed with Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black and high-lighted with Skull White. The armour is Chainmail Silver washed with Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black. The wings are Skull White washed with Carbon Black (again). The blue fire on the sword is a Skull White base, painted over using Tamiya Clear Blue acrylic paint.

The guard’s skin is the same as the Angels. The dark blue uniform clothes are painted using Games Workshop Regal Blue, highlighted with Ultramarine blue and washed with Jo Sonja’s Carbon Black. The shirt sleeves are a 50/50 mix of Skull White and Ultamarine Blue.

The whole thing was sealed using Wattyl Matt Estapol furniture varnish with a final coat of Testor’s Dullcote to finish it.

It’s sitting in my mate’s office and is a constant reminder to him that though he may walk in dark places, the light is always with him.


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